10 Flea Remedies – Find the Ultimate Flea Killer


This page describes the most effective flea treatment products on the market, how they work and their advantages or disadvantages. With all the flea remedies out there, it can be confusing to pick those out that really work. This list will make it much easier for you to decide what’s best to use in your exact situation. I have many years of experience with flea control and prevention, and I believe these products are the very best for getting rid of fleas. I’ll add to this list as I learn more so I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. You should read this post to know the Differences Between Flea Bites and Scabies.

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Effective flea remedies for your pets

1. Flea drops

Flea dropsFirst and foremost we have flea drops, which I have had the most success with and still use on my dogs today. It’s also known as topical flea treatment and I believe it’s one of the best flea remedies out there, because it kills the fleas as soon as they bite your pet.

5 reasons why you should use flea drops

  1. Flea drops can effectively kill 80-98% fleas on the pet within the first 24 hours after application
  2. They help repel fleas before the pests can lay their eggs
  3. They kill all stages of fleas, including larval stages, on contact
  4. They are convenient and easy to use
  5. Once a month treatment, flea drops usually remain effective even after bathing or swimming

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2. Flea shampoo

Flea shampooAnother popular way to get rid of fleas is with flea shampoo. Give your pet a bath that washes the fleas and flea eggs right off. The flea shampoo contains chemicals that will eliminate the remaining fleas. Flea remedies like these, which include washing, are probably best suited for dogs, as most cats hate water. If you can convince your cat to take a bath, go right ahead, but do so with caution.

5 reasons why you should use flea shampoo

  1. Flea shampoo is easy to use and the effect is instant
  2. It can be used once a month during bath time to kill fleas on the pet
  3. Gentle and chemical safe for pets. Can be used safely around kids
  4. Effective against fleas as well as ticks
  5. Deodorizes and moisturizes the pet

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3. Flea powder

Flea powderThen there’s flea powder for pets, which is an alternative to other flea treatment products. You apply the flea powder, which contains pesticide, on the fur of your pet. It works as long as it stays there. Make sure your dog or cat doesn’t lick the flea powder off, as it can cause breathing problems. The licking is mostly a cat problem, but you should still pay attention to your dog when you use this product.

5 reasons why you should use flea powder

  1. Flea powders are effective against fleas, ticks and other parasites
  2. They are safe, non toxic and effective; they kill and repel fleas/ticks on contact and prevent new infestations
  3. They are easy to use-can be liberally dusted on the pet safely
  4. Can also be dusted on carpets, pet’s bedding and other areas of the house to kill flea eggs and adult fleas
  5. Apply on window sills and around doors to repel fleas, cockroaches, bugs, flies etc.

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4. Flea collar

Flea collarYou can also get a flea collar for your dog or cat. If you choose one of these, I recommend getting the new organic types that are safer to use. They prevent fleas from attacking your pets, but they don’t kill them. They might not be as effective as the poisonous ones, that release pesticide all the time, but these flea collars are much healthier for your pets.

5 reasons why you should use flea collars

  1. Flea collars offer long lasting protection against fleas and ticks for up to 6 months
  2. Easy to use, just place one around the pet’s neck
  3. Economical and affordable
  4. Safe and non toxic
  5. Kills existing fleas within the first 12 hours and repels new ones

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5. Flea pills

Flea pillsSome people find it easier to prevent fleas with flea pills. These are given orally, preferably together with some food. You can get monthly flea pills that prevent the growth of fleas, and daily flea pills that kill all the living fleas. Some people get the best results with flea pills, while flea drops work better for others. You have to try them to find out what works best for you.

5 reasons why you should use flea pills

  1. Flea pills safely and effectively kills existing fleas and parasites within 30 minutes and prevents new ones
  2. Long lasting protection for up to 30 days
  3. Kills fleas on contact and prevents them from laying eggs
  4. Convenient, chewable form and flavors
  5. Prevents heartworms, roundworms, whipworms and ear mites as well

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6. Flea comb

Flea combThe flea comb is a simple but safe and effective way to prevent and find fleas on your dog or cat. Simply run it through the fur a couple of times and it will catch the fleas between its small teeth. The flea comb can also get flea eggs and flea dirt off your pet, making it useful for both identifying the problem and getting rid of it.

7. Natural flea control

Natural flea controlLastly, you can try natural flea control which is a safe and non-toxic way to get rid of fleas. You might not get results as fast, but it’s worth a try if you want to avoid chemicals.

Flea remedies for your home

8. Flea spray

Flea sprayOne of the best flea remedies is flea spray. This amazing product will not only kill all living fleas, it also stops fleas on earlier stages from growing. Flea spray contains IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) and this is probably what you need to get rid of your flea infestation today. Many years ago when I knew nothing about flea prevention, I had a serious flea problem that lasted for months. Every time I thought I had gotten rid of them for good, it started over again. What I didn’t realize was that ninety percent (90%) of a typical flea population actually consists of flea eggs. I was only killing ten percent of the fleas every time, and when the flea eggs would hatch, the flea infestation would have gotten even bigger. In a world filled with flea remedies, this is the one you have to get.

5 reasons why you should use flea spray

  1. Flea spray kills and repels not just fleas, but ticks and mosquitoes as well
  2. Safe and gentle – it can often be used around young pets
  3. Keeps your pet and home smelling fresh
  4. Repels fleas from carpets, pets’ bedding and other areas around the home
  5. Non messy, easy to use and long lasting (once a month) protection against fleas and ticks

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9. Flea bomb

Flea bombIf the situation is out of control, you should consider getting a flea bomb. This is a serious flea killer that makes all other flea remedies seem weak in comparison. Flea bombs are also known as flea foggers, and they are designed to exterminate large numbers of fleas, making them perfect for getting rid of a serious flea infestation in your home. Just place the flea bomb in the middle of the room, cover up anything you don’t want pesticide on and then set the trigger.

5 reasons why you should use flea bombs

  1. Flea bombs kill hatching flea eggs, adults and larvae
  2. Provides nearly 30 weeks of protection from fleas and ticks
  3. Can be used for up to 5000 cubic feet areas or an entire average sized house
  4. Affordable and convenient pest control for every pet owner
  5. No lingering odors or sticky messes

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10. Flea trap

Flea trapAnother interesting product for getting rid of fleas in your home is the flea trap. It catches larvae and fleas by luring them onto disposable adhesive sheets. Just place it in the infected room and the flea trap will do the rest of the job. It attracts fleas from carpets, floors and furniture with special light and color patterns.

5 reasons why you should use flea traps

  1. Flea traps are easy to use and operate
  2. They attracts all living fleas and larvae in the room
  3. They work from any location in the room including corners
  4. They get rid of fleas while you’re sleeping
  5. They are safe and environmentally friendly

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