Symptoms Of Male Depression

Symptoms Of Male Depression

Symptoms Of Male Depression

Men are less likely to suffer from depression than women are. The general symptoms of male depression differ from symptoms of female depression even though both of them can experience the same symptoms of depression. Men in depression are more likely to deny the symptoms as they feel they are strong and shouldn’t have these kinds of things, they try to fight shy of treatment and deny to be helped.

Some symptoms of male depression are:

1-Men feel that the world has set them up in order to fail and that others are to blame

2-They have a loss of concentration and interest in their work and social activities 

3-They feel scared of failures and fear that they will fail

4-They feel more angry and annoyed

5-They feel agitated and restless

6-They have sleeping disorders, they either sleep less or more than usual

7-They start to feel embarrassed of who they are

8-They feel irritated when they are not praised enough and they try to vent out their frustration

9-They might, in some cases start to blame their marriage rather then facing their problems

10-They start using TV, alcohol, sports, drugs and sex to self medicate

11-They are petrified of their weakness and their uncertainties, rather than try to triumph over them

12-They keep up their guard at all times and feel suspicious

13-Men believe that their worries and issues are resolvable if their relatives or colleagues would help them

14-They constantly wonder that are they being loved enough

15-They may complain about having physical pains and aches

Most of the men are dense when it comes to recognizing the signs and symptoms of depression. The pressure and stress of our life and our own ambitions plot to make us blind and deaf to the symptoms of our imminent fall. Depression in men should be accepted, acknowledged, and attended to suitably. Men are most likely to feel sad or down about things related to their success in life as the society as a whole expects men to be more successful.