Symptoms Of Bipolar Depression

Symptoms Of Bipolar Depression

Symptoms Of Bipolar Depression

Manic Depression is witnessed by alternating episodes of mania or depression. Those with manic depression also experience something called major depression. Mental health professionals give the major depression of manic depressive patients a special name, bipolar depression. The patients that have the bipolar disorder experience the symptoms of bipolar depression.

These symptoms of bipolar depression are more bad and adversely effect than the manic depression symptoms. These symptoms include a depressed mood and loss of interest in daily life for about a two week period. The mood must also make a negative impact on the day to day living of the person experiencing it.

Signs of major depression may include the presence of some of the following symptoms for a prolonged period of time, occurring every day or nearly every day:

1-Low self-worth or self-loathing

2-Fatigue, exhaustion, loss of energy or feeling slowed down

3-Greater than before need for sleep or the ability to sleep for a long time without feeling refreshed

4-Social withdrawal

5-Loss of emotional control; cries easily or for no reason 

6-Headaches, backaches or digestive problems

7-Unable to focus, make decisions, or remember things 

8-Incapability to feel pleasure or happiness


10-Lack of interest in your loved and best activities and things

11-Some feelings are very prominent making more depress like feelings of failure, guilt, hopelessness etc.

12-Some physiological changes are also seen like increase or decrease in body weight, hunger, sleeping periods, energy levels etc.

13-Possibly having thoughts about suicide and doing the suicide attempt 

14-Insomnia or hypersomnia

15-Psychomotor disturbance or retardation

16-Feelings insignificance or excessive or inappropriate guilt

17-Diminished ability to think, concentrate or indecisiveness, becoming unable to concentrate, or even make simple decisions

People commonly suffer from depressed mood when they encounter disappointments in life or struggle with loss and grief. The effective treatment of symptoms of bipolar depression is possible by means of proper medication and therapy. Good results can be seen by changing the living standards also. The proper treatment of bipolar depression can effectively decrease or minimize the bad effects of depression on the life of patient and on the relatives of patient. The treatment of bipolar depression should be started as earlier as possible so that the symptoms of bipolar depression may not become severe.