Signs Of Postpartum Depression

Signs Of Postpartum Depression

Signs Of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is an illness, like diabetes or heart disease. It can be treated with therapy, support networks, and medicines. It does look similar to normal postpartum blues (baby blues) and some people may mistake baby blues for it but the fact is that there are many symptoms which both of them share which include mood crying jags, swings, insomnia, irritability and sadness .

In postpartum depression, the discussed symptoms may be even more sever or may last longer. In this condition, your ability to take care of yourself and the newborn child is hampered.

The Signs Of Postpartum Depression include:

1- Loss of pleasure or interest in either all or most of the daily activities in life
2- Loss of hunger which goes to loss of weight but in occasionally it is the opposite
3- Sleeping problems which include difficulty in falling or staying asleep or sometimes sleeping more than usual even while the baby is asleep. 
4- Feeling fatigued or feeling you don’t have energy or motivation to do things
5- Feeling, insignificant, hopeless or guilty for no apparent reason 
6- Feeling sad, down or empty 
7- Frequent crying or tearfulness 
8- Feeling like life isn’t worth living 
9- Having thoughts of harming yourself or the newborn 
10- Having little or no interest in the baby 
11- Hyperventilating

These signs of postpartum depression may show or resemble other types of depression but some women are afraid to admit they have any kind of disease, if these symptoms show in any person she must talk with her partner and should be open to him. There might open new doors of understanding and help can be given.

Normally many women get depressed right after childbirth. As a result of a pregnance loss or sometimes even after the normal deliver case, the Postpartum depression sets in. This depression may remain and active for many months. However, in some cases the initial symptoms or signs of the depression may not appear until many months after the birth. If your depression is started any time within first six months after baby birth and have the above symptoms then it may be postpartum depression and you should consult the doctor immediately.