Signs Of Clinical Depression

Signs Of Clinical Depression

Signs Of Clinical Depression

Before we study the clinical depression symptoms, it will be good to define the clinical depression. Clinical depression is a type of depression. Clinical depression is a severe type of illness in which the patient is not able to think, work and react normally.

The overall behaviour of the patient is very different as compared to when he or she was normal. The overall mood, behaviour and thoughts are changed due to the clinical depression. The patient loses the interest in his favourite activities or games and usually remains sad. The eating habits are also changed and patient may start eating more or less than he used to when he was normal.

Signs Of Clinical Depression

Following are some of common signs of clinical depression. If you feel that you have these signs of clinical depression then you must consult your physician or therapist for the treatment.

1-In clinical depression, the patient loses the ability to concentrate properly on any matter. This may result in the increase in failures and difficulties in the practical life that will further make the signs of clinical depression, severe.

2-The patient loses the ability to become happy. The power to experience the pleasure is impaired or lost.

3-Another sign of clinical depression is the self-critical thoughts of patient. Patient always think that he or she is bad, have no talents, cannot be successful in life etc etc.

4-The clinical depression also effects on the sleeping habits of the patient. Patient feels the disturbances in sleeping. He may start sleeping lesser or more as compared to his normal routine. Sometimes, the patient cannot sleep at all.

5-Some patients may feel fatigued when they have a sleep of about 12 hours.

6-In clinical depression, the appetite of patient may decrease. The patient does not want to eat even his favourite dishes. Some patients may lose the taste of the taken food.

7-Another major symptom of sign of clinical depression is the negative feelings. Patient often feels helpless and hopeless. The feelings of guilt also pressurize the patient.

8-One of the severe signs of clinical depression is the suicide thoughts. Patient starts thinking about finishing his life. In severe cases of clinical depression, patient may even try to do the suicide.

9-In clinical depression, patient likes to remain isolated and alone. He does not like the company, gathering or joining parties etc.

10-The ability to meet the deadlines and follow the standards is greatly impaired.

11-The overall personality of the patient is changed. This change in personality and behaviour is felt by the family members of the patient.

12- The interest of patient in the sexual activities is greatly decreased. This may disturb his married life too.

13-Another sign of clinical depression is the increased usage of alcohol or drugs.

If you or anyone closer to you is experiencing most of these signs for 2 or more weeks, then there may be a chance that the person is suffering from clinical depression.