Manic Depression Symptoms

Manic Depression Symptoms

Manic Depression Symptoms

Manic depression is a type of depression in which patient experiences the extreme mood swings. Sometimes the mood, energy or thoughts are very high and on other times the patient becomes deeply depressed and becomes hopeless. The manic depression symptoms last for many weeks or months.

The mood swings are like a pendulum between two extremes of high and low. The patient is either very sad or highly depressed or very highly energetic. When the mood of the patient is low or depress, he feels himself as a desperate, hopeless, helpless and weak person. The manic depression symptoms can be divided into two categories. These are the depression symptoms when the patient mood is low and when the patient mood is high.

Manic Depression Symptoms When the Patient Mood and Energy Is Extremely High

1-The patient is highly active and restless.

2-The mood becomes extremely high and ecstatic.

3-The temper of the patient is very bad and loose.

4-In manic depression, the patients starts thinking very fast and thinks on many things in a very short period of time.

5-The talking speed of the patient becomes very fast.

6-Patient loses the ability to focus on any matter or thought.

7-The person needs very less time for sleeping. The sleeping requirements are reduced by the body.

8-Patient may think that he has the great abilities and powers, but actually that is not the case.

9-The ability to correctly judge any matter is impaired. 

10-An unusual behavior of the patient is seen that may last for a long period of time. 

11-The desire of sex is greatly increased.

12-Patient starts taking the drugs for inducing sleep. Also the intake of alcohol and cocaine is increased.

13-The behavior of patient becomes aggressive, insulting and intrusive. 

14-Patient thinks that nothing is wrong in himself and don’t accept that he has any bad habit or is at fault etc. 

Manic Depression Symptoms When the Patient Mood is Highly Low And Depressed

1-The mood becomes sad and depressed. 

2-The patient becomes extremely hopeless and pessimistic. 

3-The patient feels that he is helpless, worthless. He often feels guilty of himself. 

4-Loses the pleasure in great activities like the sex and other games etc.

5-Patient feels that he is slowed down and fatigued. 

6-The ability to concentrate, remember and making decisions is reduced. 

7-The patient remains agitated and irritated. 

8-He may start sleeping excessively or no sleeping at all. 

9-The appetite may greatly be increased or reduced.

10-The body weight is greatly increased or decreased. 

11-The constant pain is felt in the body without any medical reason or illness.

12-The patient starts thinking about the dead and suicide. He may also do the suicide attempts. 

If any person has most of the above symptoms for a longer period of time then he or she may have manic depression and should consult to the physician.