Hot Tub Folliculitis



Hot Tub Folliculitis Rash

Hot tub folliculitis (also known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa folliculitis) is an inflammation of the hair follicles, due to a bacterial pathogen agent called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This bacteria is commonly found in hot tubs, water slides, and such places.

The first symptom of hot tub folliculitis is an itchy, bumpy, and red rash. Symptoms can appear from several hours to 2 days after contact with the bacteria.

The rash may:

  • Turn into dark red tender nodules
  • Have bumps that fill with pus
  • Look like acne
  • Be thicker under swimsuit areas where the water was in contact with the skin for longer


Normally, the rash does not need specific treatment and will go away on its own. Antibiotics may be prescribed in some cases. If the rash continues to appear longer than the 7- to 10-day time period, a physician should be consulted. Remember, folliculitis that is not treated properly could worsen and cause abscesses.

There are some kinds of treatment as below:

  1. Apply vinegar compresses to the affected areas for twenty minutes.( 13 Natural Remedies For Folliculitis , Hot Tub Rash Cure
  2. Silver sulfadiazine cream: it should be applied on the affected areas to help the dehydration of the pustules
  3. Oral antibiotics (ciprofloxacin)


Controlling the acid levels and chlorine content of the hot tub may help prevent the problem.

  1. Filter the water in your facilities continuously to eliminate dead skin.
  2. Monitor constantly the disinfectant levels.
  3. Change the water frequently.