Gallbladder Symptoms During Pregnancy

Gallbladder Symptoms During Pregnancy

Gallbladder Symptoms During Pregnancy

Usually pregnant women experience aches and pain, so, it’s been difficult to differentiate these pains and gallbladder symptom during pregnancy. During pregnancy almost 12% of the women may face the problem of gallstone. Pregnant women are at higher risk of having gallbladder problem.

During pregnancy the level of hormones like progesterone and estrogen increases and affect the function of gallbladder. Sometimes, these complications may increases and become so intricate that surgery may also be required. While, at times this problem reduces after the baby’s delivery.

The chances of gallstone in pregnant women are high because of the some changes in the body.

Followings are the gallbladder symptoms during pregnancy.

1. Upper abdomen pain

One symptom is having pain in the upper abdomen that may be at peak for almost 15 to 60 minutes. This pain may end within 15 hours. Pain also spread to the shoulders blades and also to the right shoulder. While this pain comes and goes sometimes it is sharp and sometimes mild. This pain is due to the gallstone and it will cut down with relaxing the gallbladder.

2. Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are also the gallbladder symptoms during pregnancy, one may have unbearable pain around the abdomen, while sitting straight or walking, and one may also feel gas increase in the body that causes belching and burping.

3. Chill and fever

This may also cause chill and high fever, so, you might have to visit your doctors, it means that you may are in a serious condition. If, one does not consult doctors, this condition may change to jaundice, it is the condition which blocked the bile flow and it moves back to liver and then passes through the bloodstream. In such condition one must monitor the yellow color of the skin and eyes.Having gallbladder problem pregnant women may also have digestive difficulty, and she feels this problem more when she eats something and feels nauseated after eating.

Sometime it may also cause diarrhea and that results in loose stools throughout the whole day. She may also experience a severe heartburn. It is quite difficult to differentiate between indigestion and gallbladder symptoms.

So, pregnant women need to be more conscious during pregnancy about any problem throughout the day so, she should tell the doctors about her condition. So that they could administer the treatment accurately

Some other symptoms

Apart from the above mentioned symptoms that are more common for gallstone in the pregnant woman. Some other symptoms may also appear, depending on the condition and severity of the problem.

Changing color of stool is also the symptom of gallbladder in the pregnant woman, she may notice the change in the color of her stool that is different than normal appearance and changes into a burnt red shade. She may also feel changes in her complexions that might be more yellowish or jaundiced.

If a Gallbladder symptom during pregnancy appears, the patient may have to visit the doctors, to get the treatment at the right time, otherwise the situation might become severe.

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