Causes Of Hyperthyroidism

Causes Of Hyperthyroidism

Causes Of Hyperthyroidism

Few causes of hyperthyroidism exist. Usually, the all gland produces lots of thyroid hormone and it is also named the Graves’ illness. Less likely to happen, a large secretion of hormones occurs due to one nodule that is also called the hot nodule. Thyroid swelling (Thyroiditis) can be also a cause of hyperthyroidism.

From all the causes of hyperthyroidism the Graves’ illness is one of them and this affection was named by an Irish doctor. This affection can be characterized by a very big thyroid that is also called a goiter that produces too much thyroid hormone. Graves’ illness is characterized as being an autoimmune affection, an affection which occurs due to the immune system of a person. A person’s immune system antibodies can cause Graves’ illness hyperthyroidism. The antibodies that are placed near some sites on the thyroid gland, which in change makes the thyroid to produce more hormones.

Graves’ disease is characterized by three different parts:

  • Thyroid’s gland over activity also called hyperthyroidism
  • Swelling of the tissue that circle the eyes, which causes inflammation
  • The skin on the lower legs thickens also called pretibial myxedema

Some patients, who suffer of Graves’ illness, have no clear implication of the eye. The eyes can seem irritated or like staring. One from 20 persons with Graves’ illness will experience serious eye conditions, such as swelling of the eyes, double sight, or even blurred sight. If these severe conditions will not be fast diagnosed and treated, they can entirely destroy the eyes and can even be the cause of blindness. The thyroid and eye implication in Graves’ illness usually go in a different direction, with eye conditions curing slow after the hyperthyroidism starts to be supervised.

 Causes of hyperthyroidism, less common :

  • The hyperthyroidism may occur because of a single nodule inside the thyroid and not in the all thyroid. These nodules can sometimes produce very large quantities of hormones in the thyroid. This affection is also named toxic nodular goiter.
  • This one nodule includes thyroid cells which that have no regulatory mechanism that shows what amount of hormones to make. Without this regular checking, the cells inside the nodule make thyroid hormone at a very large increased amount which causes the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
  • Thyroiditis can result in the discharge of large quantities of thyroid hormones that are usually located in the gland.
  • At the subacute thyroiditis, the aching swelling of the gland occurred due to a virus, and the hyperthyroidism can run for weeks.
  • A more common less pain form of thyroiditis happens in one out of 20 women, a few months after giving birth and is.

Some of the causes of hyperthyroidism also include: stress, smoking, radiation of the neck, medications and infectious organism and an example are the viruses.