5 Popular Causes Of ADHD

5 Popular Causes Of ADHD

5 Popular Causes Of ADHD

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is identified to be a medical condition that is characterized by complexities with impulsivity, hyperactivity and inattention. The condition is a severe health problem.

A person who has the disorder is also at risk of acquiring behavior and psychiatric problem. Sufferers are also prone on having problems with the career attainment, academic performance and injury in accidents.

It is essential to know the causes of ADHD in order to know how the disorder is acquired.

Listed below are the identified factors that can contribute on having the disease.

1. Genes

It is considered as the blueprint of every person. Most of the studies conducted show that genes plays great role on getting the disorder. However, until now researchers are still conducting studies to confer that genes are the primary causes of ADHD. Moreover, through the genes they also look for ways on how develop cure to avoid the disorder. It is observe that children who has ADHD and carry a certain gene that causes the disorder obtained brain tissues that are very thin on the brain areas connected with the attention.

2. Brain injuries

Children who experience brain injury might demonstrate behaviors that are the same as the behavior shown by patient with ADHD. Nevertheless, there are only few numbers of children suffering from ADHD who experience brain injury that is traumatic.

3. Environmental factors

There are studies that explain that using alcohol and smoking while pregnant can be one of the causes of ADHD. Furthermore, kids aging from 3 to 5 years old who are exposed to lead is also at risk of having the ADHD symptoms in children. Leads are normally found on paints in aged building and plumbing fixtures.

4. Sugar

The thinking that refined sugar is one of the basic causes of ADHD or ADHD symptoms of the condition to get worse is until not yet proven.  There are studies that were conducted to some children giving them large volume of sugar to take everyday. On some studies there were no results that were found out. However, there are studies that show result of hyperactivity. Due to children become more hyperactive once large amount of sugar is consume many conclude that it can be a cause of getting ADHD. Up to now, sugar is not yet proven to be very effective cause of the disorder. Studies are still conducted to find evidence to categorize sugar to be one of the reasons of having ADHD.

5. Food Additives

In British research, there are pages that show that consuming food additives such as preservatives and artificial color can trigger to develop ADHD. However, still there is no enough proof that it could be a great reason of getting the disease.  Studies and research are still conducted to learn and know how food additives affect the hyperactivity of a certain person.

These are the reported causes of ADHD. Though these are the identified one, some of them do not give enough proof that they are a great reason of getting the disease. So, ADHD is until now does not have a sure cause.

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