Birth Control Options for Women

Birth control options for women

Birth control options for women

There are several birth control options for women which are quite safe and effective. All you need to choose the best among them. Birth control options are designed to prevent pregnancy. These control methods work in different ways. With some awareness and knowledge women can choose a best option amongst many that suits your needs and requirements.

Before you start using any contraception whether temporary or permanent make sure to consult a doctor and take the opinion which birth control option will work best for you.

Unwanted pregnancy is very common among the women and one of the main reason is having a sexual relationship without protection. The other important reason is failure of birth control options. It happens many times with most of the women, thus you need to choose the best birth control method which can prevent pregnancy as long as you wish.

What are the best birth control options for women

A very few people know that there are numerous birth control options for women. Most of the people are aware of only condoms and oral pills. Birth preventing methods work effectively when used consistently and correctly, thus you should talk to the doctor regarding the birth control options. Finally the decision depends on your health condition, customs, beliefs and traditions and your desire to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. Here under mentioned best birth control options especially for women:

  1. IUD- the term This is one of the popular and trusted method of birth control widely used throughout the world. It is highly effective and last for at least 10 years once inserted. The IUD is a small T-shaped device inserted into your uterus by the doctor. This method is very effective in stopping pregnancy and once the IUD is removed, you can make a quick return to fertility. This method is safe and convenient. ( IUD Falling Out , Do Antibiotics Affect Mirena, NuvaRing vs Mirena , Do Antibiotics Affect IUD )
  2. Oral Contraceptive– there are various brands of oral contraceptive present in the market. These pills are available only on prescription. These pills are very effective and becomes more effective when used consistently. They are safe and convenient to use. These pills come in combination with progestin or progestin alone. The women who use oral contraceptives need a checkup at least once years.( Aubra Birth Control Reviews )
  3. Female Condoms -Female Condoms help in stopping pregnancy and also reduce the risk of sexually transmitted disease but it is effective only when used correctly like other birth control options. Using female condom is safe simple and convenient. But one drawback is that it has a failure rate of 20%
  4. Sterilization- Sterilization is a permanent method for preventing pregnancy. It is a surgery which is safe and highly effective. It lasts throughout the life.

Factors to be considered when choosing a Birth control options for women

Your choice should depend on several factors. It includes mainly:

  • Your overall health condition.
  • Desire to have children in future.
  • How long it will take to conceive after stopping it
  • Any side effects
  • How effectively it works

Since times people use birth control methods but today you have many safe and effective methods. All you need to find the best method that suits your requirement because every individual has a different need when choosing an option. To know the best birth control options for women make a list of them and choose the one that works for you effectively.