Birth Control Methods for Men

Birth Control Methods for Men

Birth Control Methods for Men

When it comes to birth control methods for men there are numerous options to choose from. Traditionally men birth control methods were limited. But with the advancement in medical field a wide range of options have been introduced for both men and women. Contraception is a method of avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Usually people believe that birth control methods must be adopted by women only, but with the changing time some methods developed which can be used by men to prevent pregnancy. Among the many methods to prevent pregnancy oral contraceptive pills are the most common and recommendable form of contraception. This method is safe and highly effective and can be used by both men and women.

How birth control methods for men work

Unlike women contraception methods, birth control methods for men works in different ways. Contraception methods of men and women are different because they have different reproductive systems. Women have multiple choices of contraception options whereas men have limited numbers.

  • Male contraception prevents sperms entering into the uterus of women which causes pregnancy.
  • Men contraception stop sperms from coming out of the penis.
  • Male condoms block sperms from entering into the vagina.

Different options of birth control methods for men

Though men have fewer options of birth control methods but they are quite safe, reliable and effective.

  • Condoms
  • Abstinence
  • Vasectomy
  • Withdrawal

Among the above mentioned contraception methods, men mostly use condoms and abstinence to prevent women from pregnancy. These methods are safe and convenient. Condoms are the most popular methods of birth control. Whereas abstinence prevents from sexually transmitted diseases to both the partners. Both the methods work effectively and stops sperms entering into the uterus.

Vasectomy is a permanent option for the couple who does not want children in the near future. Vasectomy is a simple surgery for men that last for a lifetime. There are rare chances of failure of this surgery. During this operation flow of the sperm is cut off. Vasectomy can be reversed but the chances of having children again are 60 and 40 percent. Vasectomy is a birth control option for men which can only prevent from pregnancy. It doesn’t protect from sexually transmitted diseases. Thus a man after going through Vasectomy need condoms to protect from sexually transmitted infection such as HIV/AIDS to get into a physical relationship.

Traditionally male birth control methods include only condoms and vasectomies. But recently contraceptive pills have been introduced in the market. These pills seem more appealing for birth control than vasectomy. Use of condoms as a birth control method is very effective and has a high success rate when compared with other contraceptive methods. The studies show that none of the birth control methods could be effective if not used consistently and correctly. Research is going on to find other different methods of contraception targeting hormones in the male body. Since none of the birth control method is designed perfectly, you cannot get 100% effective results. And often men also fail in following the procedure of contraception which results in unwanted pregnancy. Regardless of the many options for women, birth control methods for men are quite simple and effective, hence men should not hesitate in learning and using contraceptive methods.