Best treatment for herpes


Can herpes kill you ?Herpes can kill if some factors are present in the host body. If the immunity of the infected person is malfunctioning in one way or the other then rate of mortality is high.

In such cases, treatment must be given a quick approach and right medication be given to avoid further infections. It is good to ensure that all the underlying conditions are treated to avoid further reactivation of the virus. If the virus ifs left untreated, it can penetrate the meninges and reach the brain to cause viral meningitis which can cause coma and death. Treating meningitis is normally difficulty and expensive.



To treat herpes effectively, you should do the 3 following steps:

  1. Destroy herpes virus
  2. Reducing outbreaks
  3. Improve healing time

Step 1: Destroy herpes virus

Each batch of HERP-B-GONE soothing balm is made with pure essential oils and ingredients known to suppress or destroy the Herpes virus. Anti-herpes virus ingredients proven to suppress the herpes virus; works in synergy with HBG Sensual Lube.


Step 2: Reducing outbreaks

Lysine for herpes in reducing outbreaks has been cited by many major university studies. Medical research suggests that increasing intake of lysine rich foods or supplements coupled with reducing the amount of L-arginine foods eaten can inhibit the replication of the herpes virus and reduce outbreaks

Naturals L-Lysine

High vitamin C intakes can fight herpes by deactivating the herpes simplex virus. The intake of 10,000 mg of supplements daily to manage an active herpes outbreak and 500-3,000 mg daily to prevent future herpes outbreaks. It also helps in promoting immune system health.

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Zinc helps the body produce lymphocyte cells, which reduce herpes outbreaks and boost the immune system’s ability to fight viruses. Studies have shown that zinc can deactivate the herpes virus and inhibit the virus’ reproduction. Its enzymes help diminish herpes sores up to 40% faster than leaving them to heal on their own. Zinc is even reported to relieve pain from outbreaks.

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Step 3: Improve healing time

Using intense fast healing cream which contains vitamins A, B, D, and E to add extra healing power. It is the perfect multi-purpose skin healer for you.

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