Anxiety Depression Symptoms

Anxiety Depression Symptoms

Anxiety Depression Symptoms

Each and every person is unique in nature, psychology, chemically and physically. This is the main reason of the fact that in every person the types and frequency of anxiety depression symptoms are different.

For instance, person A might feel only one and simple anxiety depression symptom while person B may feel many or all common anxiety depression symptoms in their severe forms. Someone else maybe struggling with a disabling fear of driving, still another may live in a constant state of worrying about everything.

But despite the different forms and types of symptoms, all anxiety depression share one major symptom which is severe fear or persistent or worry or take tension in situations where most people wouldn’t feel uncomfortable or threatened. Anxiety is more than just a feeling. As a product of the body’s fight-or-flight response and some emotional stress, anxiety involves a wide range of symptoms.

Some common symptoms are:

1-Feelings of nervousness or dread

2-Trouble focusing 

3-Feeling tense and jumpy 

4-Anticipating the worst 

5-Irritability, always feeling angry and lack of patience

6-Restlessness, Need to seat near exits 

7-Watching for signs of danger or harm 

8-Feeling like your mind’s gone blank

9-Thumping heart, feels like it is beating too hard 

10-Sweating, uncontrollable profuse sweating

11-Stomach upset or dizziness 

12-Shortness of breath 

13-Muscle tension, twitches and pain in muscles when they are used



16-Insomnia, waking up ill in the middle of the night 

17-Allergy problems, increase in pre-existing allergies or developing new ones. 

18-Chest pain, chest tightness 

19-Dizziness, feeling lightheaded 

20-Nausea vomiting 

21-Stabbing pains, shooting pains. Feeling odd pressures in head, neck or face 

22-Need to urinate, frequent urination, sudden push for to go to the washroom

23-Fear of being in the open with many people around, fear of what might people think of you 

24-Fear of making mistakes or making a fool of yourself in front others 

25-Person feels that he/she has experienced or done something before its happening. Also called Deja Vu.

26-Feel like you are under stress/pressure all the time 



29-Trouble falling or staying asleep 

30-Jolting awake 

Anxiety depression has a lot of varied symptoms and it depends specifically on the person, but the symptoms mentioned above are the common ones.