Alternative Treatments For Depression

Alternative Treatments For Depression

Alternative Treatments For Depression

Alternative treatments are those treatments, which are not classified or accepted by the standard western health practices. These alternative treatments are those which are outside the scope of traditional western practices. These practices are being absorbed by the western medicals as they are being proved scientifically for their safety and effectiveness.

There are many substitute treatments which can help treat depression and social phobia treatment, of them herbal and homeopathic medicines/remedies are the most widely used. There is a wide variety of alternative treatments that are being practiced by many doctors and therapists, some of them include:


It is the procedure of inserting sterile and thin needles in various areas of the body. The technique originated from China and it is used mostly to relax the body, to relief it from pain and sometimes to help recover from injuries.

Massage Therapy

When the body is massaged by oil, it tends to calm down the person and provides rejuvenation. The muscles of the body get relaxed, the body feels lighter, and the pains of the body are also reduced.


It is an exercise which enhances the spiritual enlightenment and helps an individual in achieving control over the mind and the body. Various studies have shown that depression can be relieved by exercising regularly.


It is a method in which an individual is placed in a trance-like state by trained professionals. Then in this trance-like state the behavior can be modified, suppressed memories are uncovered and a person is greatly relaxed and the depressive symptoms are relieved. This method is being used and recognized by medical professionals and psychologists.

Herbal Remedy

Nowadays many herbal treatments for depression are available in the market. They offer a safe, natural alternative to the prescription medications, of which many have serious side effects. These herbs include a very wide variety of species for treating varying degrees of depression, from mild to moderate or severe.

Alternative treatments for depression are very popular and they are extremely useful for persons who are not satisfied or aren’t effected by the more common or traditional treatments.