Is Nutella healthy ?

is nutella healthy

Nutella- Delicious and healthy or a misleading food?

It’s no secret that Nutella is a food that many people around the world enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dessert. With individual serving packages that you can pick up in the store for on the go or for a quick fix meal that you can throw together for a lunch that will travel easy, who would want to deny the convenience that Nutella brings to our lives?

However, upon further research, many specialists have found that Nutella may be doing more harm than it’s worth. For a two tablespoons serving of Nutella, there are 200 calories, 11 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar. While most of us are not overly concerned about every gram of fat we are consuming a day, in order just to maintain good health, keeping track of your caloric intake is a minimum.

You are more than likely going to eat something else with your Nutella, like two pieces of toast. The average caloric intake for two pieces of white bread is 170 calories. So, with your two tablespoons of Nutella and two pieces of bread, you have already reached 370 calories. This is more calories than what is in a medium McDonald’s fry, which is 340 calories. You would have to walk for forty minutes at 3 miles an hour to burn off the calories from the Nutella and toast that you consumed. Besides the caloric intake, Nutella also has 21 grams of sugar. You are supposed to consume a maximum of 40 grams of sugar a day. Just by consuming this Nutella and sugar, you will have consumed more than half of your daily intake of sugar.

Is Nutella healthy ?

Believe it or not, Nutella can be harmful to your health. There have been lawsuits against Nutella, as their label describes their product as a “nutritious breakfast”, but has turned out to be quite harmful to the consumer.

  • Due to the excessive amounts of fats, salt and sugar that are added into the food, Nutella can be highly addictive. The more sugar that you consume, the more you are going to crave; plus, the food lacks nutritional value and will provide you with nothing but a sugar high. Many researchers have found that sugar is even more addictive than tobacco, thus why obesity is more threatening than lung cancer.
  • Nutella contains Vanillin, which is one of the most dangerous ingredients in Nutella. Vanillin is not actually vanilla, while many people may believe it is. Vanillin contains unlabeled MSG, which is a harmful ingredient that is put into many artificial foods. MSG is a steady toxin that is millions of our foods that we consume daily, that we know nothing about; Vanillin is just another on the list. The MSG in the Vanillin pretends to be an excitotoxin, which excites the reward system of your brain. This makes us think that the Nutella tastes a lot better than it actually does. In turn of the reaction of the MSG on our brain, we end up consuming more, because our brain is constantly excited.

If you are still looking for a healthier suggestion to Nutella, but do not want all of the harmful materials found in your food, there are still plenty of options out there for you. These options have less calories, fat, salt, sugar and carbs. You just need to look up the recipes on the Internet and make your own Nutella.