HIV Prevention

HIV Prevention

HIV Prevention

To many, HIV prevention is very troublesome and requires a lot of reading it right. Actually, prevention of HIV is easy to be done. HIV transmission prevention is done based on logical thinking by us and also but some reading through the media. Below are some of the methods for HIV prevention that you can practise in your daily lives.

One way of HIV prevention is by using condom during sexual activities. There are numerous studies showing that condoms are actually effective in HIV transmission prevention. Condoms, if used correctly actually prevent the transmission of semen which contains HIV to another person. However, the use of condoms is not so popular in some countries considering that the people have to buy them in hypermarkets and not through vending machine which gives anonymity. Besides that, it is hampered by the poverty that the people face and people who says that sex is more enjoyable without using condoms. Still, the use of condoms which greatly cuts down the risk of HIV transmission should be encouraged.

There are also studies showing that male circumcision actually cuts down the risk of HIV transmission. Biologically, foreskin has a higher density for HIV infection. Foreskin that is cut off in turn reduces the density for HIV transmission. Circumcised men actually have 55% to 76% reduction in risk of HIV infection.

For unmarried people or couples, the best way to prevent HIV infection is still abstinence. Abstinence makes sure that a person reserves his/her first sex until marriage. Morally, abstinence promotes fidelity and loyalty to only one partner and not multiple sex partners which would have increased the risk of HIV transmission. Moreover, abstinence would make sure of no unintended pregnancy, abortion and maintain an excellent sexual health. Abstinence also promotes self discipline and not sex partners as sex objects, merely to satisfy one’s desire but to enjoy sex after marriage as special to one’s life partner.

HIV can also be transmitted through sharing of equipments while injecting recreational drugs. Drug addicts usually share needles which are already infected with HIV. Drug treatment programme usually tries to cut down the use of the drugs altogether while creating awareness on the danger of sharing needles. Right now the prevention methods are still through campaigns to highlight the danger of drugs and also through community groups that take care of the addicts.

Another medium through which HIV is transmitted is by blood transfusion. Donors are sometimes not strictly scrutinized causing them to donate infected blood to the blood bank which after that transfuses them to patients. The most effective prevention method is still to screen the donors strictly and restricting donors to those who have epidemiological evidence. It takes a great effort on the part of the hospital or workers themselves to make sure only clean blood are transfused to patients.

Looking at the above prevention method, it is certain to say that self discipline is crucial in making sure the prevention methods actually work.