Does Dayquil keep you awake

does dayquil keep you awake

Does Dayquil keep you awake

There are many people using Dayquil at night for some personal reasons and they usually wonder if there are any side effects or not. It is said that using Dayquil can keep you awake at night. You feel difficult to sleep but it is not true.

Does Dayquil keep you awake

Dayquil is used for mild pains or aches, cough, fever and colds of course. It can effectively relieve runny nose or sneezing. Dayquil will not keep you awake at night because it does not contain any stimulants. It just does not have the antihistamine (doxylamine) for sleep aids as Nyquil does.

Due to that reason, there many people using Dayquil and alcohol for a better sleep but it can cause many side effects.
If you need some sleep aids at night, I recommend you using NyQuil because it has antihistamine which can make you drowsy.

For some people who have a stronger reaction, DayQuil contains Phenylephrine which make them hyper,agitated or anxious when they take it. Phenylephrine is not a stimulant, but the medicine reaction does increase your heart rate, which are not an ideal condition for your sleep.

Basically, for short term usage, you can use Dayquil at night with a little effect on your sleep ( Never mix Dayquil and Adderall ) . However, it is more likely that NyQuil will give you a better physiologic state for sleeping. You should not use Dayquil while pregnant .

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