Never mix Dayquil and Adderall

Dayquil and Adderall

Dayquil and Adderall

Dayquil contains phenylephrine and Adderall contains amphetamine. Both phenylephrine and amphetamine can increase hypertension and heart rate, and combining them may enhance these bad effects.

If you still plan to take both of these medications, let talk to your doctor before using them, especially if you have a history of heart disease or hypertension.You may need an adjustment in dosage or more frequent monitoring by your doctor to use both medications safely.

In my opinion, while using Dayquil,you should

  • Take a small dosage of Adderall first and then see how bad the dosage is. If it is not too bad, you can take more Adderall.
  • But remember that the half life of phenylephrine(Adderall) is about 3 hours, so for safety reason, you should apply new increased dosage of Adderall after 6 hours from your last taking.

In some rare cases, you should watch for the psuedoephedrine in some DayQuil formulas, because psuedoephedrine may elevates heart rate. Its effect on blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) remains uncertain but we should be careful. If Dayquil has that in it, take less Adderall than you normally do.

One last notice is that if you love using Dayquil and alcohol, you should be careful because that bad habit can harm your heart. Especially when mix them with Adderall (Never mix Dayquil and Adderall , Does Dayquil keep you awake, Dayquil while breastfeeding) You should not use Dayquil while pregnant also.

Finally, You should contact your doctor if you are aware of any condition changes or you experience any serious side effects. Remember to tell your doctor about other medications you use in your treatment period, including supplements, vitamins, herbs. Do not use or stop using any medications without talking to your doctor.