Bronchitis Remedies

Bronchitis Remedies

Bronchitis Remedies

Bronchitis is painful and bothersome.  It is the inflammation of the mucous membranes in the bronchi, which are airways that distribute air in the lungs.  It can be acute or chronic, the first being quick onset and the other having a more long-term effect on the patient. The swollen tissues reduce airway size, causing wheezing and a pronounced cough.

The wheezing is sometimes mistaken for asthma, especially in children.  The inflammation also triggers the production of a lot of mucus, which can hamper breathing even more.  Sputum is often greenish or yellow, and can sometimes be streaked with blood; surely not a good sign.  The symptoms are not just annoying and can actually be dangerous if allowed to go unfettered.   Worse, most cases are contagious because many bronchitis cases are caused by bacteria and viruses related to pneumonia.  Smoking can also be the cause of this irritation.

Suggested Bronchitis Remedies

Treatments for bronchitis mainly revolve around antibiotic medicationAmoxicillin is the drug of choice for many doctors, because it can get rid of many of the microorganisms that cause bronchitis.  It can indeed cure bronchitis, but unfortunately it has many side effects which, though mild, are still nuisancesAntibiotics in general are not recommended during pregnancy, as they can affect both mother and child adversely.

Outside of conventional medicine, there are many natural methods to cure or alleviate bronchitis.  Many of these revolve around herbal infusions and the like, and can be made at home with minimal effort and cost.  It is recommended that these methods be used in conjunction and not instead of with conventional treatments, for safety’s sake.

The first is a pretty popular methodIt involves turmeric powder and milk.  Turmeric is a pretty common spice that you can buy in any supermarket.  Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric with half a glass of milk, taken twice or thrice a day.  Some find the taste a bit unusual, while others are quite fond of it.  Warming it up also makes dissolving the turmeric powder easierTurmeric has many antibacterial properties, which is the main rationale behind its efficacy.  Besides, milk is good for anyone, no matter what age.

Ginger, cloves, and pepper, mixed together in equal amounts can also prove to be potent.  A half-teaspoon of each, taken with a bit of honey or steeped to make a tea, should be taken thrice a day.  Ginger and turmeric actually belong to the same plant family, and share many propertiesThis mixture has antipyretic properties that lower accompanying fevers.  The strong, spicy aroma is also sure to clear your head if you’re feeling a bit woozy.

Taking in liquids is a great way to keep the sputum loose and makes it easier to expectorate.  Though you could drink cold drinks, lukewarm and warm liquids will probably feel better, especially with a throat sore from so much coughing.  Drink soups, teas, warm juices, or just water.  The only real downside is that you have to get up to use the toilet more often.

Gargle with warm salt water.  The warmth will soothe the pain, while the salt can cut through the mucus and also kill bacteria in the throat.  One teaspoon per glass is recommended.  Too much salt and your throat will burn, too little and it won’t work much.  Remember: gargle, don’t drink.  Spit the liquid out, along with any accompanying loose sputum.  You can do this as many times in a day as needed.

Another method that is not exactly appetizing is the use of onions.  Taking the juice from one onion in the morning may not sound appealing, but many say that it helps to clear the bronchi and make the sticky sputum much easier to spit out.  We can’t say much about the taste though, or what your breath will smell like afterwards.

There you have just a few of the many methods used to remedy and treat bronchitis.  There are many more to choose from, so if you need more information, just look it up online.