Bleeding During Ovulation – The Causes

Bleeding During Ovulation

Bleeding During Ovulation

Fourteen days after the menstrual cycle ends, a woman feels ovulation is occurring in her body. She can feel that from the various ovulation symptoms which become predominant in her body.

There are many ovulation symptoms that can be witnessed and some of them face the problem of slight bleeding during ovulation. Though it is not a very normal symptom, but it happens in some rare cases.

Though bleeding is a very uncommon ovulation symptom, its causes may vary from case to case.

1. In some cases, it can be seen that there is a decline in the estrogen level in the body and that leads to bleeding during the time of ovulation. It has been observed that decrease in the level of estrogen is very common in the entire process of the menstrual cycle.

2. Another cause is that ovaries are producing large number of follicles which in turn is containing an immature egg. Many follicles are produced and in the process, only one follicle gets matured. When the egg bursts out from the follicle, a little amount of bleeding may take place.

3. If a woman has started taking birth control pills to avoid pregnancy, it may lead to bleeding in between the menstrual cycles. This bleeding may coincide with the ovulation symptoms and the woman may have a misconception that the bleeding is an ovulation symptom. Bleeding may also occur if there is any tumor along the wall of the uterus. That bleeding may occur at the time of ovulation.

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