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Symptoms of Liver Failure

Symptoms of Liver Failure

Physical vitality and health depends mainly to liver, a vital digestive organ which helps the body during food digestion, distribution of nutrients, and in eliminating toxic body wastes. However, due to birth problems, or because of an individual’s constant exposure to toxic chemicals, inappropriate consumption of alcohol, or viral infection, a person’s liver might stop performing its metabolic function and ... Read More »

Liver Disease Symptoms

Liver Disease Symptoms

Liver disease is a collective term relating to all of the conditions that affect the normal functions of the liver. The common symptoms are yellowing of the eyes or skin (a condition called jaundice), abdominal pain, and any abnormal results coming from liver function tests. This article focuses on the different symptoms of 15 liver diseases. 1.Amebic Liver Abscess Definition: ... Read More »

Over-the-counter treatment for folliculitis

over-the-counter treatment for folliculitis

Folliculitis is one of the most common skin conditions. Folliculitis can be caused by extreme sweating, shaving, friction of human skin against different fabric or infected cuts. In this skin condition, the main symptoms include red and pink little bumps which appear at the hair follicles. In most cases, folliculitis can be treated with over-the-counter products or remedies. If your ... Read More »

Is Nutella healthy ?

is nutella healthy

It’s no secret that Nutella is a food that many people around the world enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dessert. With individual serving packages that you can pick up in the store for on the go or for a quick fix meal that you can throw together for a lunch that will travel easy, who would want to deny the ... Read More »

Best treatment for herpes

Can herpes kill you ? – Herpes can kill if some factors are present in the host body. If the immunity of the infected person is malfunctioning in one way or the other then rate of mortality is high. In such cases, treatment must be given a quick approach and right medication be given to avoid further infections. It is ... Read More »

Best antibacterial body wash for folliculitis

Folliculitis is usually not dangerous. In most cases, folliculitis will go away in about a week. However, more severe infections may lead to permanent hair loss or scarring, and suitable medication may be needed to kill the bacteria. You should looking for suitable treatments before it is too late. ( Before using this body wash, you should read this post ... Read More »

Are fleas contagious from person to person

Are fleas contagious from person to person

Are fleas contagious from person to person ? Yes. But the main reason is the live flea, not the un-hatched eggs. Fleas do not love human body: Jump from one to another From your infected pets , live fleas jump on your body. After fleas bite you, they will take blood and then leave immediately. Human body is a poor ... Read More »

Dayquil while breastfeeding

dayquil while breastfeeding

It is hard to choose the medications when you get sick, especially if you are breastfeeding. You may consider which medications are safe for your little baby? Are there any risks to your baby if you take flu or cold medications? How about using Dayquil while breastfeeding? When it comes to cold and flu, Dayquil is known as the most ... Read More »

Dayquil while pregnant

dayquil while pregnant

You should not use Dayquil while pregnant because it may harm your unborn child. Usage of Dayquil in the early stages of pregnancy may cause birth defects. Vicks, the manufacturer of Dayquil Cold & Flu, says “If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.”  There is also evidence that the combination of the active ingredients in Dayquil pose ... Read More »

Does Dayquil keep you awake

Dayquil and Adderall

There are many people using Dayquil at night for some personal reasons and they usually wonder if there are any side effects or not. It is said that using Dayquil can keep you awake at night. You feel difficult to sleep but it is not true. Does Dayquil keep you awake Dayquil is used for mild pains or aches, cough, ... Read More »