Are fleas contagious from person to person

Are fleas contagious from person to person

Are fleas contagious from person to person ?

Are fleas contagious from person to person ?

Yes. But the main reason is the live flea, not the un-hatched eggs.

Fleas do not love human body: Jump from one to another

From your infected pets , live fleas jump on your body. After fleas bite you, they will take blood and then leave immediately. Human body is a poor environment for fleas due to our lack of body hair. Fleas love dark, moist environment like pet’s fur.

The way the fleas survive is by drinking blood. Their blood meals last 4.3 minutes for males and 7.2 minutes for females. After taking blood, fleas will jump out of human body.

Despite the fact that fleas rarely transfer form one host to another one and it is only 4% to 7% of fleas transfer between hosts, if you have a direct contact with people who has fleas, you could possibly get them.

If someone sits on a bed/chair or use a towel, a blanket…, you should avoid using those objects because the live fleas could be on them, too.

Besides live fleas, flea infestations usually spread through eggs

Although it’s unlikely for fleas to lay eggs in human hair. In rare cases, fleas may lay eggs on infested person (if you do not have any necessary treatments), and the eggs will continually drop from them.

In most cases, females fleas can’t produce eggs when taking human blood. Human blood alone can keep them alive, but they’re unable to reproduce. Even with enough feeding, their fertility is reduced on human blood.


  • If you are bitten by fleas. You should use antiseptic soap to wash the affected area to prevent any infections from developing. If you are itchy, do not scratch, just apply anti-itch creams or ice including hydrocortisone, calamine lotions. But you should make sure that it is flea bite. ( Difference Between Flea Bites and Scabies )
  • Your pets may be the source of flea infestation, they are essentially acting as a carrier. You should apply flea prevention medicine on them.